Improve Customer Experience & Grow your Business

Traditional customer feedback systems involve a lot of paperwork, guest books, online surveys or email responses. When, and if, the responses are finally reviewed days or weeks later, the customer is already upset and has moved on.

Mteja360 is a Customer Experience software that helps businesses receive REAL-TIME feedback from customers to deliver productive and proactive customer service 24/7.

of companies that use customer feedback software grow their business faster.
Don't wait to see a
negative customer review online.
Get customer feedback in real-time
and act immediately!
Mteja360 is powerful and delightfully easy-to-use for 5 star customer experiences, always.
  • Engage one-on-one with customers
  • Resolve issues FAST!
  • Close the customer feedback loop
  • Increase team productivity
  • Convert happy returning customers into brand ambassadors

Mteja360 Features

Mteja360 is more than a customer feedback platform. It gives your business a 360-degree view of your customers' experience, so you can build better relationships by engaging in more personal and relevant ways.

Customer Feedback
& Management

Close the customer experience loop with real-time customer feedback to increase leads and onversions.

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Brand Customer

Impress customers with fast & knowledgeable responses via chat/call.

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Help Desk

Get automated and speedy ticket resolutions with end-user satisfaction.

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Create and assign tasks to team members in a just a few clicks, and get real-time updates on tasks completion.

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Empower teams with a simplified customer support syste

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Keep customers updated on the latest news in your organisation.

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Events Management & Management

Inform customers of upcoming events and activities within your company.

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Customer Mobile

Directly connect customers to your customer service teams with VoC support.

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Build a business your customers will love

With Mteja360, you can intersect and resolve any negative customer feedback immediately through the app while the customer is still at your business. Mteja360 also reduces the chances of the issue recurring. From the first message to the latest conversion, Mteja360 has you covered, regardless of your role, industry, or size.
Register for Mteja360 today and keep your customers smiling, always.

See why your business needs Mteja360

  • Close the customer feedback loop quickly with a data driven approach.
  • Better understand your customers.
  • Private, secure and real-time customer interactions and conflict resolution.
  • Deliver a greater customer experience (CX).
  • Establish lasting customer solutions and relationships.
Don’t let your customers leave with
a bad taste in their mouth.
Keep a real-time check on your
Customer Experience with Mteja360.

Meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and increase ROI

Mteja360 has everything you need to create a seamless customer experience and a centralised customer support system for your team.
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