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Feedback Management

Collect, organize and respond to customer feedback from the Mteja360 Customer App in REAL-TIME

Improve customer satisfaction and overall business performance.

  • View customer responses and comments
  • Select action taken by staff to respond to customer – call customer, one-on-one customer service etc.
  • Categorise customer feedback across ALL touchpoints according to response type (Promoters, Detractors and Neutral Customers)
  • Edit customer Star Rating Tags according to industry. E.g., Responsiveness, Attitude of Staff etc.
  • Close the customer experience loop
  • Increase customer loyalty

Help Desk Management

Empower your teams/departments with a customer support and ticket management solution, under a single all-inclusive platform, Mteja360.

Deliver hyper-personalized support and drive smarter processes that scale your business.

  • Assign customer requests (tickets) to right team/department
  • No lost or unanswered tickets/requests
  • Increase team productivity & monitor team performance
  • LIVE chat to grow customer retention
  • Seamless & effortless

Task Management

Plan, manage and track all your team's tasks in a couple of clicks, on Mteja360. Include detailed descriptions, attach images and files, due dates and more.

Move your business from paper to digital checklists in one, easy-to-use app.

  • Assign & schedule tasks
  • Create task categories for ALL departments
  • Customise a task template for each task category
  • Get REAL-TIME updates on tasks completion
  • Achieve complete team accountability

Customer Management

Make every customer feel like they’re your best with our customer management, and customer behavior tracking solution.

360° view of ALL your customers at your fingertips

  • Build comprehensive profiles for each customer (contact information, attributes, personal interests & preferences)
  • Leverage the rich customer profiles to personalise every interaction
  • Generate accounts/profiles for each customer
  • Categorise customers based on customer experience, purchasing power, loyalty, and others
  • Organise help requests according to touch point/department
  • Locate the customer information needed in an instant
  • Track current and prior customer activities to update data

Events Management

Make it easy for people to find your next company event. List the event on the Mteja360 Business User platform, and your customers/audiences will be able to view it on the Mteja360 Customer App.

Spread the word about your next event. Here’s how:

  • Add a specific location, date and time
  • Tell people what your event is about using category, description and keywords
  • Let people know where they can get tickets for your event, if applicable

Get more attendees and drive awareness for your brand, with Mteja360.

Staff Management

Replace old-fashioned spreadsheets or paper-based filing with an updated smart system, the Staff Management Solution on Mteja360.

Save time, work smarter

  • A complete log/list of all staff members, their contact information (phone number & email), company role, and company status (working & not working)
  • WebApp & Mobile App options for remote access
  • Manage Mteja360 access permissions/rights for staff based on roles
  • List all departments or teams in the organization
  • Monitor Staff Performance

News Management

Publish exciting news and updates happening in your business, in REAL-TIME with Mteja360.

  • Attach images or photos
  • Include links to company website or external sites
  • Share news with customers on the Mteja360 Customer App


Mteja360 gives your business an integrated 360 ° view of all staff activities.

  • Staff data is safe & confidential
  • Staff can raise issue tickets to be resolved by supervisor/admin
  • Open and close Staff requests/tickets fast
  • Save time through optimized workflows

Meet customer needs, set your team up for success, and increase ROI

Mteja360 has everything you need to create a seamless customer experience and a centralised customer support system for your team.
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